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awake or asleep...

"How are Pastor's sermons? Do they keep you awake or put you to sleep?" Every honest Pastor knows that there are those rare individuals that struggle to stay awake during any message!

But apart from those or others who just got off work at 7:00 am, Pastor's messages keep people connected because his style is comfortable, easy-to-understand, and in a language that's common to the average person in the pew.

Without spending a lot of words here, I encourage you to listen to his latest messages via this website. That's probably the best way to answer any curiosities.

But don't draw your conclusions about Pastor's messages from a single message. Listen to several before you decide what you think of his style of delivery.

made from scratch...

Pastor's messages are "made from scratch." For over 25 years, that's the way he has prepared them. A blank piece of paper and his text, that's his starting point.

From their he accesses other resources, many of which are on computer that allow him to search for illustrations, commentaries, and other pertinent information.

Once the rough draft is completed, he sets it aside, returns to it at a later date to polish it, and prepare his preaching outline.


delivery style...

Delivery styles for Pastors vary more than the number of companies who deliver packages to your door.

So how would you describe Pastor's delivery style? Fire and brimstone? No. Mono tone? No. Meandering? No.

Because Pastor preaches from an outline, he knows what he intends to say and sticks to his outline. His delivery is comfortable to the ear, thought-provoking, and presented in a style that is very easy for almost anyone to understand.

Using an outline, you can easily follow his thought process point-by-point so you know where you are going and you also know when you have arrived.

Maybe it's the farmboy background or maybe something else, but members frequently comment that his messages are relational, that they feel like he must have been following them around during the previous week.

Perhaps that's more information that you intended or not. Either way, it gives you a sense of Pastor's messages. As I said earilier, the best way to know is to listen for yourself.

As Pastor sees it, when a message speaks to your heart, it will be memorable.