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our pastor...

Everybody wants the perfect Pastor to be their pastor, to have the energy of twenty-something every day, to be everywhere and do everything that each member expects him to do, to be where someone decides he needs to be no matter the circumstances, and to serve their congregation incredibly well for at least 40 years! You won't find him at Trinity.

a heart for people...

Does our Pastor have a heart for people? Absolutely. Does he care deeply for his people, meet them at their level, and walk with them through their most challenging times? Yes, he does.

When members are in the hospital, he visits them as well as our shut-ins bringing private Communion as he visits. He enjoys visiting, listening, and caring for all his members.

Pastor enjoys creating special services, working with graphics to enhance the appearance of service folders, bulletins, our newsletter, and other printed materials.

That creativity also shows itself in other decorative pieces such as the welcome banners in the worship area and the large banners on the front wall of the sanctuary. He calls it relaxing, but we call it beautiful as we have opportunity to benefit from his design work.

likes to work...

Although he can't do everything he would like to do, Pastor is one of those rare people who like to work, who like to be busy with some project.

Some days, his day off is spent working on a landscaping project for the church or painting the narthex. Other days, his day off is spent working on some type of hands-on project such as the Care & Share Garden that provides produce for church members, woodworking, or more recently, projects connected to his work in Peru.

peruvian farmer...

Pastor was born and raised on a farm in Nebraska, but in 2009, he created Project Compassion, an outreach ministry that touches the hearts and lives of poverty-stricken farmers in the Andes mountains of Peru, farmers he knows by name since he has spent his vacation time for the past 4 years working and living among them.

He created "HectareMax" in 2012 as a way to improve their crop productivity by enablilng them to gain access to better seed, recommended fertilizer, and the like. He never realized that his farming background would be so useful in his ministry. From providing walking tractor training for\ Peruvian farmers to custom-building equipment for use in Peru, Pastor demonstrates once again his heart for people.