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worship music...

Currently, we use two of the liturgies from LSB, page 184 and page 151. We also incorporate printed services twice a month to serve those who prefer a worship format different from the traditional liturgies.

Variety serves a good purpose as some become so accustomed to the liturgy that they don't always pay attention to what they are saying. Printed services encourage them to focus on the words a bit more carefully.

Our Adult Choir, which usually sings twice a month, is directed by one of our organists, Lori Dowden, who has a heart for music and a heart for working with our choir on a volunteer basis. Arlene Hill is our other organist who prefers the organ while Lori prefers our electronic keyboard for our worship services.

Together, Arlene and Lori make a great team when it comes to providing music for our worship serivces.

adult choir...

Our Adult Choir meets in the balcony following worship to prepare special music for our worship services. Lori Dowden, one of our organists, directs our choir. Our choir includes 20+ members of all ages.

Our choir members don't necessarily know how to read music. Actually, a number of our members do not read music, but they still make beautiful music together.

Members are always welcome to join our choir. If you read music, that's great. If not, that's still great because, as a unified effort, the Lord blesses our voices enabling us to provide excellent music that enhances our worship services.

The choir usually sings twice a month. Their practice time coincides with our Sunday Schoold hour so parents can send their kids to Sunday School and practice with the choir while their kids are in class.