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We want our kids to be part of worship, to feel like they are as important as everyone else, even though they may be kids.

Our KidTalk messages, delivered by Pastor, are mini-messages for the kids. The kids gather up front for an interactive message that's at their level because involvement makes it memorable.

The kids enjoy being up front, answering questions posed by Pastor, and helping with whatever hands-on activity may be part of the KidTalk message for the day.

Parents appreciate it that we take time to focus on messages for our kids and make them feel important.

Yet as we all know, one never knows what kids will say or what answers they will provide, so if you're in charge, you better be on your feet and ready for anything!

kidtalk remote...

Since we need to be watchful of our time because Pastor has a second service in Chelsea at 11:00 am and our kids need to get to Sunday School, some weeks, we also offer KidTalk Remote, a special KidTalk message while Pastor provides the regular message.

This is a relatively new venture at Trinity, but it has quickly proven to be an excellent arrangement. While Pastor is providing his message in the sanctuary, the kids exit during the message hymn to an adjacent room (Maybe a few parents sneak over as well!) where Stacy Leonard, one of our public school Kindergarten teachers, provides a hands-on message for our kids while the parents focus on Pastor's message without interruptions.

Since Stacy works with Kindergarteners during the week, she is a great choice for providing our KidTalk Remote messages and she's so creative!

The kids love KidTalk Remote (maybe more than Pastor's KidTalk messages some weeks!) and look forward to having their special time away from Mom & Dad. During the offerings which follow Pastor's message, the kids quietly return to their parents.

Generally, our KidTalk or KidTalk Remote messages are offered on the second Sunday of each month. We are considering a more frequent schedule aware that the kids enjoy these messages so much.