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Welcome to Trinity! Welcome to Trinity on the web! I'll give you a quick overview and from there, you can decide where to click next. Please take a moment to listen to the "welcome audio."

Trinity is a friendly congregation made up of people from all walks of life who intermingle very well irrespective of their professions. Although we are located five miles north of Medford, our congregation is made up of Medford residents and families in the surrounding area who work in Medford.

worship & beyond...

We have a spacious worship and narthex area. Our worship style is mostly traditional based on the Lutheran Service Book (LSB), yet we use printed services a couple times a month realizing that our younger families gravitate toward the printed services. We also offer special messages for our kids each month.

The links above to the right will give you a bit of information about our Pastor and provide you with a walking tour.

Thanks for stopping at our website and please know that you are always welcome to join us for worship!


Week of...
Upcoming Events...

Next Sunday - Valet parking available

Wed. - Catechism Classes @ 4:15 pm

With Pastor Jeppesen's retirement, we are now in a vacancy situation for a time until a new Pastor arrives.

Therefore, our Calendar of Events will likely not be updated on a regular basis as that task was handled by Pastor Jeppesen and others in the office have not used the program.










"Chosen2Go" - Our Christian Education theme for 2018-2019 as we focus on being chosen for a purpose...






worship style...

Our worship style is traditional but varied and flexible. We currently use the Lutheran Service Book (LSB), but we also incorporate printed services realizing that some prefer more variety.

worship music...

Trinity is known as a "singing" congregation. The majority of our music is from LSB. Beyond hymns, our Sunday School kids sing each month and we also have an excellent Adult Choir that sings twice a month to enhance our worship life. Their music is carefully chosen to be more contemporary, very uplifting, and tied to the messages whenever possible.

worship life...

We regularly have a "Morning Greeter" who provides a brief welcome at the beginning of the service and also provides the announcements at the end of worship. Within the service, we incorporate Scripture Readers who provide the Old Testament and Epistle readings to add a bit of variety to our worship.

worship messages...

Pastor's messages are down-to-earth, easy to understand, life-related, and provide deeper insight into the chosen text. His delivery method is traditional, but relaxed with varied styles of presentation being used depending on the message he has prepared.


• Valet Parking - Offered year round

• Worship @ 9:00 am

• KidTalk & KidTalk Remote offered monthly on the 4th Sunday

• Sunday School @ 10:15 am during school year

• Adult Choir @ 10:15 on Sundays during school year

• Adult Bible Class @ 10:15 am on Sundays during school year

• Catechism Classes @ 4:15 pm on Wednesdays during school year

• Elder's Meeting @ 6:00 pm 2nd Monday of the month

• Council Meeting @ 7:00 pm on 2nd Monday of the month

• Quarterly Voter's Meeting @ 10:15 am last Sunday of January, April, July, and October

• Ladies Aid @ 1:00 pm on 2nd Wednesdays of the month

• Ladies Crafting Event @ 1:00 pm on scheduled Sundays during winter months

• Family Games Event @ 5:00 pm on scheduled Sundays during winter months

• Topical Study Groups - As scheduled

• Christian Education Rally Day @ 9:00 am on 2nd Sunday in September

• Special Thanksgiving Focus Sunday @ 9:00 am on 2nd Sunday in November

• Thanksgiving Eve Worship @ 7:00 pm

• "Giving Tree" opportunity to share a gift with kids less fortunate

• Mid-week Advent Worship @ 6:30 pm with soup suppers at 5:30 pm

• Christmas Eve Worship @ 6:00 pm

• Christmas Day Worship @ 9:00 am when Christmas falls on Tues-Friday

• Lenten Worship (Ash Wednesday + 5 Lenten services) @ 6:30 pm; soup suppers served at 5:30 pm

• Good Friday Worship @ 7:00 pm

• Easter Sunrise Worship @ 7:00 am

• Easter Worship @ 9:00 am

• Annual Community-wide Easter Egg Hunt with 3,000 eggs @10:00 am at the Medford City Park

• Confirmation Sunday @ 9:00 am on 2nd Sunday in May

• Caring Ministries offers care in a number of different ways to those within our congregation

• Altar Committee

• Funeral Groups


valet parking...

We now offer valet parking for those attending worship at Trinity. Regardless of age, you are welcome to use our valet parking. Simply stop at the west double doors and someone from our Valet Parking Team will park and retrieve your vehicle following worship.

worship @ 9:00 am...

Although Pastor serves a dual parish, worship at Trinity, Medford, remains at 9:00 am all year; worship at Trinity, Chelsea, is at 11:00 am, 10:30 am June-August.

kidtalk & kidtalk remote...

Messages for our kids during the worship service click here for more details.

sunday school...

For more information on our Sunday School, click here.

adult choir...

Our Adult Choir practices in the balcony following worship on Sundays during the school year. For more details on our choir, click here.

adult bible class...

You can find more information about our Adult Bible Class here.

catechism classes...

School bus drops kids off at the church; kids have a good snack and then they are off to class. Click here for more information on our Catechism Classes.

ladies aid...

Our Ladies Aid meets the second Wednesday of each month at 1:00 pm in the Trinity Room for study time, mites dedication, and their business meeting. They are associated with the LWML and support a variety of mission projects.

ladies crafting event...

During the winter months, usually on the 3rd Sunday from 1:00 - 3:00 pm, ladies bring their crafting projects and gather to fellowship, to share ideas, and to learn from each other.

family games event...

Winters can get long, so we offer an opportunity for our church family and anyone else who wants to enjoy some fun to gather in the Trinity Rec Room for food, snacks, and games of all types. We have pool, table tennis, foosball, and air hockey in our main Rec Area. We meet from 5:00 - 7:00 pm and provide supper as part of our gathering.

"giving tree"...

Our "Giving Tree" is an opportunity for members to select an ornament from our tree that contains basic information. Further information is provided at the Giving Tree table so you can purchase a gift or gifts for a needy family in our community. In the past several years, we have exceeded 70 gifts from generous individuals from our congregation.

easter egg hunt...

Since 2010, Trinity has been hosting a community Easter Egg Hunt at the Medford City Park. Hundreds of kids have turned out regardless of the weather to have a chance at 3,000 candy-filled eggs. Kids are divided by ages and in about 15 minutes, almost every egg will be claimed. The event occurs on the Saturday before Easter Sunday at 10:00 am.

altar committee...

Our Altar Committee is comprised of ladies who set up for Communion on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month, change our paraments, and care for the altar area. Two ladies serve on our committee each month on a rotation schedule. Our yearly schedule is created in December.

funeral groups...

Trinity has weekday and weekend funeral groups who handle food preparation, set up, serving, and clean up following a funeral dinner. Ladies volunteer to serve on either one of the weekday or weekend committees based on their schedule and personal preference.


sunday school... 10:00 am

Trinity added on an educational wing in 1982 with classrooms upstairs and downstairs so we have ample space for our Sunday School kids. Since the baby boomer era has passed through Sunday School, our classes are smaller than they were 15 years ago. Based on size, we have some classes grouped together. Since Trinity has always been very supportive of their Christian education, we have good supply of teachers and helpers for our kids.

catechism classes... Wednesdays @ 4:15 pm

We offer Catechism Classes for grades 6-8. Students in grade 6 focus on the basics, overviewing general topics and pertinent, need-to-know information. In 7th and 8th grade, students use Luther's Small Catechism (1991) as their textbook. We also use a 2-year series, "In His Footsteps," written and self-published by Pastor. More information on In His Footsteps beyond what is available on this website can be found at: Each year in the series, we focus on the 6 chief parts of the Catechism, but our emphasis differs from one year to the next. Students use their Class Handouts as their in-class materials and they have a Workbook that is their at-home work, which gets them into the Word. Their memory work is the six chief parts and the explanations.

adult education...

Since Pastor serves a dual parish, he doesn't have the opportunity to teach an Adult Bible Class on Sunday mornings. We do offer a lay-led Sunday morning class. Pastor does teach BIble Class series and a Morning Light Study Group which meets during the week.

it's a busy place...

Activities and sporting events are now scheduled every day of the week, including Sundays. It's unfortunate, but it's also a reality. Aware of the busyness of our world, but surely not as a substitute for gathering at worship, we offer Pastor's messages on our website so that, when you are unable to be at worship, you can still read or listen to his message for the week.

different formats...

Because different people prefer different formats, we provide printed and audio versions below. The printed version, which is in pdf format, can be read on the screen or printed. The audio version offered enables you to listen at your computer.

By the way - If you are unfamiliar with Pastor's messages, click the links above on the right to obtain more information about Pastor and his message preparation and delivery style.

Audio Messages Printed Messages