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a love for the soil...

Born and raised on a farm in Nebraska, Pastor stills loves to get his hands into the dirt. Although his fields are much smaller, the two gardens (22' x 40' & 25' x 48') keep him plenty busy in his spare time. Having done it long enough, he has planting and weeding down to a fine science except for wet years and years when he is being a farmer in Peru during the same time as his garden needs tending back home.

Since he plants crops that yield high volume, like green beans, beets, carrots, and kohlrabi, harvesting can be a very busy time in the evenings before the mosquitoes drive him out or on his day off. Then there's the killdeer who always thinks the garden is a perfect place to make a nest. Nearly every year, Pastor has a killdeer nest somewhere in his garden.

Due to the volume of prodcue, Pastor had a special folding produce display that can be set up during gardening season. On the top, it has rectangular holes cut out that fit the plastic containers that hold the produce.

It's been a great thing for Trinity and very helpful to the elderly members who would love to have a garden, but are no longer able to plant their own. As they enter and see produce available, they just smile and sometimes have their produce set aside before worship so they don't miss out later.