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one wild & fun event...

Use your imagination. We invite the entire community, all kids through age 12 to our Community-wide Easter Egg Hunt in the Medford City Park the Saturday before Easter at 10:00 am.

Prior to that time, we order 3,000 candy-filled Easter eggs. At the park, we flag off our areas based on kid's ages and then we send our volunteers out to hide 3,000 eggs. Obviously, for the littlest kids, "hiding" is almost setting them in the grass (or the snow some years.) But as we get to the older kids, our high school kids take on the challenge of hiding some with the hope that they will never find them.

missing eggs alert!...

More than once, the high school kids have forgotten where they hid the eggs so they can't help the younger kids when we know eggs are still missing. The reason we know some eggs are still missing is because a select number of eggs have numbers on them. Kids who find those numbered eggs receive a prize that we provide for them.

With hundreds of kids circling the "hunt" area, it's a sight to see when they hear, "Ready, set, go!" Like a swarm of bees, they gather eggs from all directions. Then, the parents of the little kids "help" them find the ones they passed by and the high school kids have a good laugh watching kids climb trees and look everywhere for those missing eggs.

When the weather doesn't cooperate, we move our egg hunt to the Middle School and kids still have a great time.

It's a great event for the community and gets our name out and word out that we care!