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sunday school...

Our Sunday School classes meet following our worship service during the school year (September - May). Since our class sizes are smaller than they were in the 1980's when the education wing was added, our Sunday School classes utilize the six rooms available downstairs. With our renovation project in 2000, two of the upstairs classrooms were converted in the Church office and Pastor's office.

Our classes use materials from Concordia Publising House, our church's publishing company, for their class lessons. Our teachers range from high school students to grandparents who are nearing retirement age. Our helpers are often younger high school age students.

adult bible class...

Adult Bible study has not been a strong point at Trinity for decades. We have tried many different approaches such as topical studies, study pods that meet in member's homes, particular books of the Bible studies, yet this area continues to be a challenge for our congregation.

One drawback for opportunities is that Pastor serves a dual parish so he is unable to teach a Bible Class following worship, which would be the ideal time for such classes.

SInce that isn't an option, we have a lay-led Bible Class following morning worship which is held in the Trinity Room. Because a kitchenette is available, coffee and often some type of sweets are available during class time.

catechism class...

Catechism classes are offered on Wednesdays from 4:15 - 6:00 pm for grades 6-8. The school busing system provides transportation to the church so parents only need to pick up students after class.

The instructional materials for the 7th & 8th grade classes, "In His Footsteps," is written by Pastor Jeppesen as an application-based, 2-year series focusing on the chief parts of the Catechism both years, but with a different emphasis in year one compared to year two.

In the classroom, students use Class Handouts as the focal point of the discussion/interactiion that occurs within the class setting.

Class Outlines, which include the Handouts interleaved in the appropriate places, contain the materials used for the instructor.

Workbooks, are also part of the series. The Workbooks are the student's at-home work getting them into the Word and also giving them opportunity to reflect on that Word.

Memory Work is an important part of our lessons. In 6th grade, students learn key Bible verses. In 7th and 8th grade, the students memorize the 6 chief parts from Luther's Catechism (1991) edition.

For more information and downloadable samples, go to: www.mapleleafprinting.com.