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how to reach us...

The echnology to connect with people today is off the charts! There are so many social media opportunities that it can make your head spin.

Not wanting to make your head spin, yet to make it easy to contact us, I'll stick to the basics.

by phone...

You can reach the Church office (or it may be Pastor since we only have limited secretarial help) at (715) 748-4181. Generally, Pastor is in the office in the morning, but seldom will you find him there in the afternoons as he is on the road visiting shut-ins, making hospital calls, and the like.

If you want to reach Pastor directly or leave a message that only Pastor will receive, he has a direct line that only rings in his office - (7i5) 748-4383.

If there is an urgent matter of pastoral care or an emergency, Pastor does carry a cell phone - (715) 965-0940.

by email...

To reach Pastor via email, use: pastor@trinitymedford.org. Pastor checks his emails each day, but does not live on the internet so if you need to reach him more urgently, phone will be your better option.

snail mail...

I almost forgot, the mailman does deliver the proverbial "snail mail" to the church and it surely arrives quicker than a snail, just for the record.

Our mailing address is: Trinity Lutheran Church; W5334 Dassow Ave., Medford, WI 54451

how to find us...

First, don't look for us by driving up and down the streets of Medford because you won't find us!

We're a city church that happens to be located in the country. To find us, head north out of Medford after enjoying our two roundabouts, the last one being the Wal-Mart entrance. From the last roundabout, go about 4.5 miles north on highway 13 (the main highway north and south through Medford). Watch for our church sign on the east side of the highway.

At the sign, which will be Dassow Ave. going east, but Cty M going west, turn right onto Dassow Ave. About a 1/4 down the road, you will find Trinity.

coming from the north...

If you are coming from the north, watch for our church sign on the right side of the road about a mile after you past the gray building on the intersection of highway 13 and Whittlesey Ave going west and Cty M going east.

About a 1/4 mile beyond the sign, you will see our second sign. Turn there and you will be at the church in a 1/4 mile.